Thank you sincerely and see you next time!


Thank you to all partners, sponsors and active participants of Agrovizija 2024!

From 19-21 June, visitors to the open-air exhibition had the opportunity to listen to discussions on modern agricultural solutions, the integration of sustainable farming practices, and to learn about innovations and achievements of Lithuanian and foreign scientists. This year’s theme “More with Less” continued the previous Agrovision 2022 theme, responding to the increasing demands of today’s farmers to produce in a resource-efficient manner and to build a sustainable farm that meets global challenges.

Our sincere thanks go to the invisible heroes of the show who kept the show clean and tidy. The safety of our property and yours was ensured and public order was maintained by the caring but strict security of Dussman Service.

Agrovizija is the place where professionals gather. On behalf of the organisers, thank you very much and see you next time!

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