Registration for participants

From the very first Agrovizija, the organizers aim to present everything new and progressive in agriculture: plant protection, innovations of varieties, fertilizers, research, and technology. They are displayed live so that visitors can see and evaluate the results of the applied technologies themselves.

We are trying to create the best conditions for participants of Agrovizija Exhibition to present their plant protection products and technologies, varieties, fertilizers and machinery as efficiently as possible, listening to their comments and wishes by improving the installation of test fields, expositions and demonstration arenas.

We invite all companies, representatives of Lithuanian and foreign companies with new products, new machinery, innovative agricultural science and business solutions so they could introduce them to farmers in Lithuania and foreign countries. We invite you to join us and become participants of Agrovizija.

Conditions and fees for participation in the exhibition:

The organisers of the exhibition conclude two contracts with the exhibitors – participation and exhibition. The participation contract is concluded with the CropLife Lietuva Association and the exposition contract with the Lithuanian Centre of Agrarian and Forest Sciences.

The exhibition participation contract defines the conditions, obligations and responsibilities for advertising and infrastructure. Additional information: / +370 618 08148

The Exposition Contract defines the conditions, obligations and responsibilities for the provision and preparation of the exhibition and demonstration areas. Additional information: / +370 686 93711

Fees for participation in the exhibition
Registration Advertising Infrastructure
300,00 € 1400,00 € 1600,00 €
Total: 3300,00 €
Exposition fees
Participating plant breeder – exposition and demonstration areas
1 acre 60,00 €
1 field (up to 20 m2 rectangle) 330,00 € (20-30% of the area)
1 field (up to 20 m2 rectangle) 250,00 € (> 30% of area)
Participating technician – exhibition and demonstration of agricultural machinery
1 acre 70,00 €
Joint demonstrations (shows):
      Sowing, cultivating or other tillage 700,00 800,00 €
      Spraying 700,00 €
Participant – exposition
1 – 50 m2 370,00 €
51 – 100 m2 740,00 €
101 – 200 m2 1100,00 €
201-300 m(for each additional 100 m2 – 330,00 €) 1480,00 €

In order to receive the proposal for participation and exposition conditions, we invite you to fill in the electronic registration form.

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